Do you see that tiny little dot in Brazil? This means that The mab Blab has been read by people on every continent! Woo-hoo!

I’m sure the person only stumbled upon this humble blog of nonsense by Googling “toilet seat scale” or “blogs that say crap a lot.” Still, I will delusionally believe that I am gaining influence across the entire world.

Speaking of Googling, here’s a list of my favorite terms that have brought people to The Blab:

commodore 64 girl


doppelganger proof

fully ambulatory

“left the faucet” running all day (what’s with the quotes?)


“we got circumcised” (again, what’s with the quotes?)

And my favorite….

Nacho libre cherry limeade

Yes, my lovelies… this is the path to world domination. Pithy posts of piffle….. I figure that I can post about enough random stuff that eventually everyone everywhere will find me via Google. Haven’t figured out the rest of the plan yet…. but that will come….

(And what’s with my use of ellipses lately……?)