Grandparents, don’t read this post. It involves your precious, wonderful, perfect, delightful, only granddaughters crying.


This whole babu-ditching isn’t going very well.

Peanut screams and screams. I check her and usually have to change her 2 or 3 times before she goes to sleep. Did I mention that 4 teeth have just decided to come in all at once? Without the babu?

Bean hid Jeremiah — and forgot where. She is sleeping now (I hope) for the first time without Jeremiah since she decided he was her favorite at 4 months old. We never pushed him on her… she was crying one night and quit as soon as we gave her Jeremiah. The next night the same thing happened. We realized that he was special to her. And now he’s hidden. I have looked all over the dadgum house.

Yes, his name is Jeremiah. Because he’s a bullfrog. She calls him Miah. She already knows the first verse to the song “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.” If she can’t sleep, she often says that Miah needs me to sing his song and then they can sleep. I never knew that song could be a lullaby….

So, I’m determined to stick with the paci break. Bean has already pretty much ditched hers. I think we have to make it through a few more days with Peanut. I also think I’m going to the store to buy more teething tablets for her and a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to help me make it through all of the screaming.

Just kidding… mostly! I’m not sure the 40 is strong enough to help….