mab and RayRay circa 2004

Today is our tenth anniversary.

Last year, we went out to the fancy schmanciest place I’ve been in my life for an anniversary dinner. It was fancy and schmancy. We had 3 waiters. One person’s sole job was to refill our drinks. It was quite lovely.

This year he’s taking me on a surprise trip. We leave tomorrow when he gets out of class. This will be the first time since Bean’s birth that I’ve been away from both of my kids. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE QUIET! We will be gone on Beanie’s 3rd birthday, so we’re celebrating tonight instead.

That’s right. On our 10th anniversary, we’re going to…


Oh, the romance never ends!

The lovely lovebirds in 2007

RayRay, in my book, you will always be a 10. I love you! And, I love our family. We’re adorable, aren’t we?

(Here we all are in December 09. Look closely at Peanut’s sweater…. I had forgotten to take off the sizing sticker. Yeah, because we’re sooooo cool. And stylish.)