Dear Spider Woman,

Please come back. It is most boring around here without you. And, you’ve started a trend. Since you abandoned me left, several other friends of mine have left. I don’t like it. Not. One. Bit.

See, I’ve always been the one who does the leaving. I say my goodbyes and can stuff my emotions waaaay down inside me because I have to focus on the move and the adventure ahead. I can choke back my tears because I’m about to board a plane or move to a new city or start a new phase of life. This time, I’m just here. And you’re not. And neither are 3 of our other friends. And two more are leaving this weekend. And then there’s some others leaving later this summer. And more in December.

Good thing I have Nat and NolaLady and JayWay and a few others whose pictures I don’t have handy. Or I’d go crazier.

But, if you come back we can once again let our kids play in the mud.

And we can go to the library and get cake in the cafe after we look at books and let the kiddos play.

And we can meet for after-the-kids-are-asleep Chili’s chips & salsa girls nights.

(Sorry, no pictures of that.)

Or, you could move on to the next phase of your life and be very happy and I will be happy for you while selfishly really wishing that you and a bazillion other friends who live far away could live in my neighborhood.

Once Ray Ray told me that he didn’t know where I’d be happy living. (I seem to find many things wrong with any place on earth…. because I’m a pessimist realist.) I told him I’d be happy living in mabLand. You would not be my next door neighbor because you catch too many bugs and snakes. But, you’d be one house over from that. All of my other friends would live in my neighborhood. And we would be happy as we all joined hands and sang “Friends are Friends Forever.”

Miss you much,