I finally took some pictures….

and I must have turned on the “Freakin’ Blurry” setting on my fancy pants camera.

So, I was going to show you some quilts I was working on, but this one is freakin’ blurry. It’s a quilt for Jay Way’s baby girl that will be arriving in August.

This one is the ONLY one that’s not freakin’ blurry. It’s my first stinkin’ huge quilt top. When it’s finished, it will be big enough for a twin bed. Here’s a peek:

Last, here’s a picture of the item I bought for myself for Mother’s Day…. 3 yards of this FABULOUS fabric. Click on it. Read it. Laugh.

In other news, Bean is sick. So, we’re all confined to our tiny house and we’re watching Blue’s Clues. All freakin’ day. But, although we have tons of episodes on DVD & can access more via the internet, she ONLY wants to watch “the Birthday one” or “the school one.”  And, since we have some old school Blue’s Clues episodes with the host named Steve, half of the time she asks for these videos by asking to watch Steve.

Could she have her first crush? Nah.