So, I haven’t posted in awhile. This is for a few reasons:

1) I was making the Grand Pilgrimidge through Louisiana and Texas (a.k.a. the Promised Land) to take Bean and Peanut to see their grandparents. My hubby was on a trip and there was no way I was staying home alone with two toddlers. No way.

2) Since I didn’t check e-mail, blogs, my shops, or anything while I was gone, I had over 1,000 things to read in my Google Reader, about a bazillion e-mails to deal with, and 2 sales on my new shop that isn’t even officially open yet. (Woo-hoo!)

3) The L key and space bar on my computer are freaking out. I have to hit them double hard. It drives me nuts. This is the real reason I’ve used my computer only for Google Reader, Hulu, and reading e-mail for days on end. For real, it’s time for a new computer.

4) Good thing my hubby just got a new job! (Ok, this isn’t a reason why I haven’t blogged…. but I’m in list mode. Can’t seem to get out of it.) Now, in addition to actually having disposable income, I may be able to save up for a computer that doesn’t type correctly spaced and L-ed sentences without me banging! See, he’s a grad student. I’m a SAHM. I like being a SAHM. And, I can’t even afford to be a working mom. Decent childcare is so freaking expensive that my take-home pay each month would be less than our rent. And we live in cheap on-campus housing. Not worth it.

So, the trip to the Promised Land was sooooo worth it. Great Mexican food, two Chocolate Extreme Blizzards, ice cream from Braum’s, and even Thanksgiving Dinner. (Aside #1: Yes. It’s all about food. With mab, everything is all about food. Or fabric. Or crafting. Or napping. And food.) (Aside #2: My brother was in town to visit. He wanted turkey & dressing. So, on Memorial Day while y’all were all grilling out, we were eating Turkey, dressing, & all the trimmings. I told the fam this was fine as long as we didn’t decide to grill hot dogs and hamburgers next Thanksgiving. That won’t fly.)

I spent a lot of time working on two new quilts and would like to post pictures. However, all of these quilty and crafty bloggers are intimidating with their stellar photo skillz. I’m actually not terrible myself, but it’s the lighting that’s an issue. See…. I have limited time with natural light when there aren’t small children messing up my gorgeously staged tableau. I may have to resort to poorly-lit-flash-photography. But, I think this is some type of Craft blog sin.

Ok, to end my randomness, I’ll say that my bro suggested I pop off the L key and space bar and clean them. It might work or it might break them. We shall see…. if I don’t post again for a few weeks then it’s because I broke my L key and space bar….. or that I couldn’t take the deprivation any more and drove to Mississippi or Texas for another Chocolate Extreme blizzard.