I am rather encouraged about my book goal for the year. We’re not quite halfway through the year and I’m up to 11 books. Woo-hoo! This has been good for this reader’s soul.

My latest finish is a book called Keeper & Kid by Edward Hardy. Overall, this was a good read. However, the subject matter was a bit too close to home for me to find it funny.

I won’t tell you anything that you wouldn’t read on the dust jacket…. Basically a guy who is happy with his life just as it is finds everything falling apart when he suddenly has full custody of a kid he never knew he had. He goes from carefree life to BAM three-year old world.

So, chaos and life-changing happens as both of these guys have to grow up a little. The tough thing for me: the parts that were supposed to be funny weren’t. I’m sure they’re funny to other people, but Bean is almost 3. This was like reading about my worst days as a parent — not exactly escape literature!

His son, Leo, is described pretty acurately. I can see many 3 year olds going through the same life changes pulling the stunts he pulls. In fact, just recently Spider Woman’s 4 year old son started pooping everywhere because he had no other ways to show his apprehension about moving away. He pooped behind the clothes in the thrift store. He peed on his carpet. He also pooped outside my door. Not anyone else’s door. Not his own door. My door. (Gosh, what have I done to him?!?) Don’t worry… he’s moved through that phase.

Anyway, I digress. If you are a parent of a toddler, I’d wait to read this until the time that your kid threw a falling-on-the-ground-screaming-fit because you took off her pillowcase becomes funny and  no longer causes instant knots to form in your back. Still cringing over the crayon scribble mural your little one added to your wall? Nope. Not time for you to read this. Have a newborn baby? I wouldn’t read it, either. It’ll scare the pants off you. You’ll stay up late at night wondering if your kid will do some of the same things when he’s older.

But, if you don’t have kids or you have older kids, I’d say this is a worthy read. It gave me insight into the life of a self-centered man learning to be selfless. This is a process parenthood will do to anyone. Most people get 9 months to prepare and they head into it slowly. In the main character’s case, he had a severe case of parenthood culture shock.

In Short: Read it if you don’t have kids or have older kids. Don’t read it if you have toddlers or can’t stand the repeated use of the F word.