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Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

To Do This Week….

1.) Finish setting up PayPal for my bidniz.

2.) Load all of my items to my new shop.

3.) Finish other shop details and get it open by Monday.

4.) Get something together to give away for Sew Mama Sew’s May Giveaway Day.

5.) Actually mail out the giveaways I gave away a long time ago.

6.) Buy a certain gift for Spider Woman & her fam before their going away party Thursday night.

7.) Make homemade rolls, cake, and gallons of iced tea for said party.

8.) Get pictures printed for said party.

9.) Baste batting, quilt, and bind the quilt for Little Lady Lusk by the time we see Cliffie and Teresa on Saturday.

10.) Cook dinner for a last hang-out with the Spider Family on Friday.

11.) Go to a graduation party on Saturday night.

12.) Say goodbye to the Spider Family on Saturday as they get ready to move overseas.

13.) Buy a certain gift for a certain person involved in a certain organization. (Can’t be more specific… she might read!)

14.) Make a certain project to present this certain gift for this certain person. (I’ll take pictures.)

15.) Take pictures of this certain project and share them with you.

16.) Lay on the floor and cry, then spend hours doing some therapeutic crafting because I’ve bitten off waaaaaay more than I can chew this week.

Some things are going to give! For now, I’m going to bed.


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