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Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

I am a short attention span crafter.

In college, I discovered the art of decoupage. Then, I dabbled in scrapbooking. Ok, ok… I can’t even call it dabbling. I can only call it “buying a whole mess of supplies and stickers to make the most perfect wedding album ever and only finishing two pages.” That was 10 years ago. I’ll call that a craft fail.

Then, there was needlework. Next was knitting. Interestingly enough, my neighbor in Turkey taught me to knit. So, I don’t have a fat clue how to do it in English. What’s a knit? What’s a purl? I just know arkι and ön. Anyway, I made a few horrible scarves and some funky shaped teddy bears. That was enough of that.

I took some wonderful pottery classes while we lived overseas. It was FABULOUS. All of the clay and paint and mess I could squish and use for less than $80 a month. And I was there for hours and hours each week. Can’t keep up with that hobby, though… it’s too pricey Stateside and takes too much time.

So, I started sewing. This has been a pretty long hobby for me. I’ve stuck with it for 2 1/2 years now. I’ve made purses, quilts, totes, wallets, CD cases, and a mess of other things.

But, now I’ve found a new art…. painting! We went to Corks ‘n Canvas here in New Orleans last week. They walk you through a painting and at the end of the evening you go home with a (hopefully) gorgeous work of art. Please excuse the following blurry photos. My camera was on the wrong setting. *sigh* I didn’t do too well during my photography phase.

My neighbor NolaLady shows off her blank canvas.

My MOPS buddies T-race and Nifty Nat look a bit apprehensive….

But they loosened up before it was over!

My Mama-to-be-again neighbor Jay-Way flashes a great smile. Since the colors in the painting matched her little girl’s room, she hung it in there. Her sweetie is super proud of it.

And here’s my finished project. Let’s compare my crepe myrtle to the example painting and see how I did…

Hmmm… it’s okay I guess. Then again, I think a night like this is totally about the friends and the experience. Everyone did great and we had tons of fun. I’m going back again soon!

This is what I want to paint next…

Who wants to join me? I’ll bring my favorite Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda. You bring the chips & dip.

P.S. to my painting compadres… Do you like your mab Blab nicknames? I thought you would!

P.P.S. The pics of the paintings I snagged from the Corks N’ Canvas website. So, give them all the credit, my lovelies.


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