Peanut was surprised to see the ducks. She likes quacking at them.

Not sure what she thinks of her hairstyle, though…

Bean is still avoiding the camera. Here, she dashed down the slide. Most of the time, she ran from me.

But, I caught her this time! She gave the whole loaf to the ducks and geese and loved it. I think we could spend hundreds of dollars on bread and she wouldn’t tire of feeding the ducks. They’d be fat and bloated and refusing to eat any more and she’d still be throwing it at them.

Peanut, on the other hand, isn’t allowed to have any bread that isn’t fresh or non-green. She won’t feed the ducks. She feeds herself.

Happy Mama’s Day!

(P.S. Head over the the girls’ blog to see more pics on their Flickr site.)