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Monthly Archives: May 2010

My butt is numb. I’ve been sitting here on my computer doing important work. What, you ask? I’m almost through with the huge list of giveaways at Sew Mama Sew.

Dangit! I reminded you people to go enter and now my chances of winning EVERYTHING will be decreased! Ok, think, mab. Think! That’s it… I’ll show you something distracting.

Dangit! If you’re under 17 this might work, but I need something else for the rest of you….

Ok, all of the family members and females out there are now distracted by the cuteness of Baby Bean.

Now, something for you guys out there…

There. Distractions complete. I and my numb butt are returning to the list of giveaways.

I am rather encouraged about my book goal for the year. We’re not quite halfway through the year and I’m up to 11 books. Woo-hoo! This has been good for this reader’s soul.

My latest finish is a book called Keeper & Kid by Edward Hardy. Overall, this was a good read. However, the subject matter was a bit too close to home for me to find it funny.

I won’t tell you anything that you wouldn’t read on the dust jacket…. Basically a guy who is happy with his life just as it is finds everything falling apart when he suddenly has full custody of a kid he never knew he had. He goes from carefree life to BAM three-year old world.

So, chaos and life-changing happens as both of these guys have to grow up a little. The tough thing for me: the parts that were supposed to be funny weren’t. I’m sure they’re funny to other people, but Bean is almost 3. This was like reading about my worst days as a parent — not exactly escape literature!

His son, Leo, is described pretty acurately. I can see many 3 year olds going through the same life changes pulling the stunts he pulls. In fact, just recently Spider Woman’s 4 year old son started pooping everywhere because he had no other ways to show his apprehension about moving away. He pooped behind the clothes in the thrift store. He peed on his carpet. He also pooped outside my door. Not anyone else’s door. Not his own door. My door. (Gosh, what have I done to him?!?) Don’t worry… he’s moved through that phase.

Anyway, I digress. If you are a parent of a toddler, I’d wait to read this until the time that your kid threw a falling-on-the-ground-screaming-fit because you took off her pillowcase becomes funny and  no longer causes instant knots to form in your back. Still cringing over the crayon scribble mural your little one added to your wall? Nope. Not time for you to read this. Have a newborn baby? I wouldn’t read it, either. It’ll scare the pants off you. You’ll stay up late at night wondering if your kid will do some of the same things when he’s older.

But, if you don’t have kids or you have older kids, I’d say this is a worthy read. It gave me insight into the life of a self-centered man learning to be selfless. This is a process parenthood will do to anyone. Most people get 9 months to prepare and they head into it slowly. In the main character’s case, he had a severe case of parenthood culture shock.

In Short: Read it if you don’t have kids or have older kids. Don’t read it if you have toddlers or can’t stand the repeated use of the F word.

Well, I slashed and burned things on my list. Some got done… some are about to get done while I catch up on my missed episodes of Glee…. and some aren’t getting done. One of those things is my participation in this month’s Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway. *sigh* But, a poorly done giveaway directing people to a barely opened site just isn’t what I need to spend my time on now.

I will, however, be undergoing some grief therapy by entering every stinkin’ giveaway that I can. Grief therapy? Yup… Spider Woman has moved. Her apartment is empty. She’s the first of 5 friends who are leaving me in the next few months. But, I will not succumb to the self-pity sniffles again!

I was going to tell y’all to join me in entering some of the great giveaways listed at Sew, Mama, Sew, but that would decrease my chances. Therefore, if you want a chance to win great handmade items, craft supplies, or any number of crafty goodies, you need to go on vacation this next week. Definitely DON’T go to Sew, Mama, Sew on Monday and see the lists of people giving things away.

To Do This Week….

1.) Finish setting up PayPal for my bidniz.

2.) Load all of my items to my new shop.

3.) Finish other shop details and get it open by Monday.

4.) Get something together to give away for Sew Mama Sew’s May Giveaway Day.

5.) Actually mail out the giveaways I gave away a long time ago.

6.) Buy a certain gift for Spider Woman & her fam before their going away party Thursday night.

7.) Make homemade rolls, cake, and gallons of iced tea for said party.

8.) Get pictures printed for said party.

9.) Baste batting, quilt, and bind the quilt for Little Lady Lusk by the time we see Cliffie and Teresa on Saturday.

10.) Cook dinner for a last hang-out with the Spider Family on Friday.

11.) Go to a graduation party on Saturday night.

12.) Say goodbye to the Spider Family on Saturday as they get ready to move overseas.

13.) Buy a certain gift for a certain person involved in a certain organization. (Can’t be more specific… she might read!)

14.) Make a certain project to present this certain gift for this certain person. (I’ll take pictures.)

15.) Take pictures of this certain project and share them with you.

16.) Lay on the floor and cry, then spend hours doing some therapeutic crafting because I’ve bitten off waaaaaay more than I can chew this week.

Some things are going to give! For now, I’m going to bed.

I am a short attention span crafter.

In college, I discovered the art of decoupage. Then, I dabbled in scrapbooking. Ok, ok… I can’t even call it dabbling. I can only call it “buying a whole mess of supplies and stickers to make the most perfect wedding album ever and only finishing two pages.” That was 10 years ago. I’ll call that a craft fail.

Then, there was needlework. Next was knitting. Interestingly enough, my neighbor in Turkey taught me to knit. So, I don’t have a fat clue how to do it in English. What’s a knit? What’s a purl? I just know arkι and ön. Anyway, I made a few horrible scarves and some funky shaped teddy bears. That was enough of that.

I took some wonderful pottery classes while we lived overseas. It was FABULOUS. All of the clay and paint and mess I could squish and use for less than $80 a month. And I was there for hours and hours each week. Can’t keep up with that hobby, though… it’s too pricey Stateside and takes too much time.

So, I started sewing. This has been a pretty long hobby for me. I’ve stuck with it for 2 1/2 years now. I’ve made purses, quilts, totes, wallets, CD cases, and a mess of other things.

But, now I’ve found a new art…. painting! We went to Corks ‘n Canvas here in New Orleans last week. They walk you through a painting and at the end of the evening you go home with a (hopefully) gorgeous work of art. Please excuse the following blurry photos. My camera was on the wrong setting. *sigh* I didn’t do too well during my photography phase.

My neighbor NolaLady shows off her blank canvas.

My MOPS buddies T-race and Nifty Nat look a bit apprehensive….

But they loosened up before it was over!

My Mama-to-be-again neighbor Jay-Way flashes a great smile. Since the colors in the painting matched her little girl’s room, she hung it in there. Her sweetie is super proud of it.

And here’s my finished project. Let’s compare my crepe myrtle to the example painting and see how I did…

Hmmm… it’s okay I guess. Then again, I think a night like this is totally about the friends and the experience. Everyone did great and we had tons of fun. I’m going back again soon!

This is what I want to paint next…

Who wants to join me? I’ll bring my favorite Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda. You bring the chips & dip.

P.S. to my painting compadres… Do you like your mab Blab nicknames? I thought you would!

P.P.S. The pics of the paintings I snagged from the Corks N’ Canvas website. So, give them all the credit, my lovelies.

Peanut was surprised to see the ducks. She likes quacking at them.

Not sure what she thinks of her hairstyle, though…

Bean is still avoiding the camera. Here, she dashed down the slide. Most of the time, she ran from me.

But, I caught her this time! She gave the whole loaf to the ducks and geese and loved it. I think we could spend hundreds of dollars on bread and she wouldn’t tire of feeding the ducks. They’d be fat and bloated and refusing to eat any more and she’d still be throwing it at them.

Peanut, on the other hand, isn’t allowed to have any bread that isn’t fresh or non-green. She won’t feed the ducks. She feeds herself.

Happy Mama’s Day!

(P.S. Head over the the girls’ blog to see more pics on their Flickr site.)

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