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Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

My girls love the Busy Ball Popper. It pops balls all over the place and plays music really loud.

As I could have predicted, most of the balls were instantly lost. I got online and tried to find some for sale. People had them listed on eBay for $15. Then, I saw a post on some board where they recommended just calling Hasbro and ordering new ones. I did that today. You can get 5 for $4 (including shipping). I’ve got 10 of them heading to my house right now.

I received my paperwork listing Ruby’s Retro City as an LLC. So, tonight I decided to spend my time getting my EIN — it’s like a SSN for a bidniz. I found a site that looked governmenty. I filled out the form. Then, they wanted me to pay them $187. Say what? Since I went to a handy class on starting your own bidniz, I knew this was crazy. I found the real government site and filled out the same stinkin form and paid big fat $0.

I’m finding inspiration in the scamminess of the eBay Busy Ball Popper Replacement Ball Sellers and the Not-Really-Governmenty Bidniz Form Filler Outers. I will be ditching the vintage fabric and housewares shop I was opening and instead I will be finding ways for people to pay me to do things they could easily and quickly do for free or stinkin’ cheap.

Here are some examples of services I provide:

For $15/week I will download the free iTunes songs of the week to your computer.

For $20 you can hand me your credit card and stay snug in your vehicle while I pump your gas (that you will pay for yourself).

For a mere $5/channel, I will work the remote control for you.

For $100, I will take your mail to the mailbox.

I’m thinking that I can make an absolute FORTUNE if I find a few suckers clients who see the value of the services I provide.


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