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Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

We went to the swamp with Spider Woman and her family a few weekends ago. We saw about 15 alligators. It was pretty cool! This particular swamp is a state park with a boardwalk through it. So, you can walk along the trail that’s suspended above the swamp (since you can’t really have a trail through a swamp — it’s too swampy). At the end, we even got to take the girls out on a canoe. It was awesome. Here’s some photos of that fun day.

Bean is currently in a phase where she runs from the camera or hides. When she gets older, she’ll ask why she has no photos of herself from 2 1/2 until 16 (or whenever this phase ends). I’ll pull out this photo and dozens of others like it and prove to her that I was there with the camera, but she wasn’t willing to let her purty face be captured. She won’t buy it and will spend years in therapy dealing with why her younger sister has dozens of pictures and she has none.

Sigh. My future guilt overwhelms me.

This was the biggest alligator we saw. It was about 5 feet long. It was totally chilled out the whole time — not interested in us one bit.

I love these pigtails!

Here’s Spider Woman paddling her family around in a canoe. Her boys are desperately searching for snakes and alligators.

We had a great time getting outside all together. This weekend is an outdoor fun fest here at the school. (It’s cleverly named the Fun Fest.) The girls love it and as long as it’s not sweltering or mosquitoey I love it, too. Next month the sweltering humid hotness will begin and the mosquitoes will be as large as jet planes. That’s when I stay inside in the A/C.


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