mab needs readers from South America!

So, I’ve got that ClustrMap over on my sidebar. It tells me where y’all are. It was easy to have dots in North America and Asia. (For the new mabBlab readers, we used to live in Asia.) Europe wasn’t too tough because of the international people we met. Then, with all of the crafty peeps I’ve met, I got dots in Australia (and more in Europe and Asia).

So, I was super-excited a few weeks ago to notice a dot pop up on Africa. Welcome, whoever you are! (If you did come back and didn’t run away….)

So, we’ve got North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. I’m excluding Antartica since only 8 people live there and they are scientists who don’t have time for my piffle about crafts, my kids, RayRay, and the word crap. That leaves us South America.

So, in addition to starting every paragraph in this post with the word so, I am wondering how to get readers in South America. Hmmmm…..

In a fit of arrogance I went to and checked to see what page of Google I am on. I entered mab and my url and off on the hunt it went….. They ended the sad and pitiful search after about 100 pages. I’m pretty far down there. Yup. Even some websites that are no longer functional are higher up than I am.

I think these two things are related. It appears that South America is the key to Google noticing you. (Perhaps they have a fondness for the culture? the climate? the Amazon?) I have determined to find South Americans to read my blog and then I know I’ll make it to Google’s front page! And my quest for world domination will be complete!

(Or, I could type mab mab mab mab mab mab mab a bunch and have my minions go to Google and search for my name and click on my entry…. yeah…. because I need to be at least on page 15 of Google…. because that’s the meaning of life….)