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Daily Archives: April 5, 2010

It’s been a great few months when it comes to surprises in the mail! Bean really likes boxes. She squeals and insists that we open them. Peanut grabs the boxes and beats her hands on them. We rarely make it 3 feet in the door before they demand that we open it.

Then again, in a 950 square foot apartment, 3 feet in the door is practically the middle of the living room.

Anyway, I won a giveaway over at Karen Gray Design! Woo-hoo! (I actually won it in late January and the package arrived in early February, but I’m slow about posting….) I won 6 fat quarters of great fabric from the Dolce line by Tanya Whelan.

An aside for the non-quilty peeps: I used to be puzzled by the term “fat quarter.” In fact, I remember standing in Wal-Mart in college and looking through their fabric section. I needed a bit of cheap fabric for a craft project. I saw these funky little rolled bits of fabric called fat quarters. I laughed at them. To explain: Fabric is sold by the yard. Or, you can get a half yard, quarter yard, etc. A fat quarter of fabric is the same as a quarter yard in square inches, but instead of being 9 inches by 44 inches, it’s 18 inches by 22 inches. So, they cut a half yard of fabric and then cut it in half the other way. Got it? (Yeah, like you care….)

Ahem. Back to my loot.
Here’s a cool picture I snagged from Karen’s blog that shows the Dolce collection. I scored some cool aqua, pink, and orange prints. I’ve already cut up the orange & white floral print to use in my Paintbox quilt. The rest is earmarked for a special purpose!

This fabric is super-soft. Love it! Thanks so much, Karen!

Yes, you can all tell that I have a fabric addiction. I even admitted it a few posts ago. Sigh. Anyway, I’m working on that. Other than fabric that is absolutely required to finish a project, I’m not buying any more. And by “absolutely required,” I mean that nothing at all in my stash will work. For instance, I just finished putting together some pieces for another lap quilt. I needed some backing fabric and some for the border. I needed either a solid or a small print. The only thing in my stash was baby blue or maroon. That didn’t work. So, I bought just what I needed to finish that quilt.

Honest. Scout’s honor.

(Wait… I wasn’t a scout….) Ahem. Fabric-addict’s honor. (Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?)

I’ve also been on a quilt-frenzy. Britty started it. She’s having a little girl (a niece for mab!) and I’ve been making Sweetie Pea a quilt. Then, I started another one. Then, as I was reorganizing my fabric, I saw some more stuff that would look great together. So, I’m starting another one.

Sigh. I don’t know when I’ll finish all of this stuff.

When I do clear out my stash, I’ll be filling it up again with all of the cool new fabrics out there. Because I’m an addict. One of my favorite places to go is Karen’s Etsy site: Fabricpalooza. I mean, isn’t the coolness cemented by the name? That’s why I initially stopped to check it out. Her great prices and fabulous service garnered my loyalty. Now that she’s sent me free fabric: Well, she gets a blog post! 🙂 And, my undying fabric devotion. Maybe I’ll go look at her site and see what’s new….. just, you know, to look……


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