Someone is stealing my cups.

Ok, let me back up. I drink iced tea like it’s going out of style. One of my top Christmas presents of all time was the Iced Tea Pot I got this past year.

I use it every day. When we come back from being out of town, I walk in, put down my first armload of stuff, and make a pitcher of tea. I drink at least 1 liter a day. (Partly because drinking tea w/ Sweet & Low is better than grabbing that candy bar. A swig of tea helps me with my cravings.)

The perfect way to fix iced tea (according to mab): A plastic cup (preferably from Dickey’s BBQ or some other free plastic cup) stuffed full of ice and full of fresh iced tea. Yum.

But, my glasses are gone. (Can I still call them glasses if they’re really plastic cups?) I know that one of them is dirty. One got left in my van. But, the other 15 of them — GONE. I’ve looked in every cabinet. I’ve searched the house. Nowhere.

WHERE ARE MY CUPS? It’s a mystery. One I felt compelled to share on my oh-so-fascinating blog.

Now, you may return to your day.