The day after I got this cool package from Krista, another awesome package arrived in the mail for me. It was a giveaway I had won from Scott Hansen over at Blue Nickel Studios. I was sooooo pumped to win this giveaway — and aparently my use of the phrase “hep cat” sealed the deal.

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to talk funny.

Here’s the goods I scored:

Scott, I think hep cats rock. And, you can be King of the Hep Cats for adding this doodle to the packaging. My 2 year old thought it was really awesome.

Look at all of these goodies! The awesome mini gift bag is super cute. I think some of my scraps will become gift bags in the future. And, the bookmark… I put it to use right away.

Love love this. I’m thinking it might become the center of a pillow. Or I’ll just hang it on the wall.

But this…. this is my favorite of all. These two scraps aren’t really meant to go together, but I really like how they look together. Now… to figure out what to make.

Scott, thanks for the infusion to my creativity! Oh, and the fact that you included an actual Blue Nickel…. that was hep, man, real hep.