The other day I was trying to organize my stuff. I have one tote bag that I keep permanently packed for my MOPS meetings. (No, we don’t go to mop. We are Mothers of Preschoolers. We crave adult interaction and toddler-free zones. Therefore, we can get kind of crazy. You need a tote bag for that.) However, this meant that my tote bag was taken up. I decided I needed to make me a new tote bag.

The dilemma — I couldn’t pick out just the right fabric. I  couldn’t find something I wanted that mixed vintage-y, fun, funky, and cool. I couldn’t find the time to sew, either. Sigh…. I spent a week wishing for a tote.

Then, as if she read my mind, this arrived in the mail from krista….

It’s a cool tote! And, I love ticking! (That’s what those stripes are called.) I especially LOVE red ticking! (Are you creepy stalking me, Krista? Is that how you knew that?) That gives the vintage-y look I like.

But, add in the kick o’ lime green — AWESOME. And, the pocket that’s turned so the stripes run the other way — PERFECT! I totally love this bag. The next day was when we left town for a week and I lugged this everywhere. It has become my everything bag.

Krista, you ROCK! But, I am still wondering how you knew I needed a tote and liked ticking…. I’m wondering about you…. I also wonder if you’ll laugh when you hear that this is the tote I use to keep my Bible study stuff together. 🙂