Lots of my friends are having babies. New, sweet, tiny, little babies.

I miss my babies.

Weren’t they both beautiful?

Yesterday, I got to hold a friend’s little baby. I gave her a bottle, I burped her, I rocked her, and she fell asleep on my shoulder. I kept up the Mama Dance — that sway we instinctively do to keep the little ones soothed and asleep.

My back began to hurt.

I remembered pregnancy.

And interrupted sleep.

And I decided that it’s not the time for a new baby. It’s just the time to hold my friends’ babies.

Peanut is relieved. She doesn’t want to hear any talk of new babies.

**UPDATED** Yes, these pictures are all of Peanut and Bean. There’s a pretty equal mix of the two (counting the one en utero). Can you tell who is who? Dude, they look alike! Dude, neither looks like me! **