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Wordle: la le Style's Etsy shop


Someone is stealing my cups.

Ok, let me back up. I drink iced tea like it’s going out of style. One of my top Christmas presents of all time was the Iced Tea Pot I got this past year.

I use it every day. When we come back from being out of town, I walk in, put down my first armload of stuff, and make a pitcher of tea. I drink at least 1 liter a day. (Partly because drinking tea w/ Sweet & Low is better than grabbing that candy bar. A swig of tea helps me with my cravings.)

The perfect way to fix iced tea (according to mab): A plastic cup (preferably from Dickey’s BBQ or some other free plastic cup) stuffed full of ice and full of fresh iced tea. Yum.

But, my glasses are gone. (Can I still call them glasses if they’re really plastic cups?) I know that one of them is dirty. One got left in my van. But, the other 15 of them — GONE. I’ve looked in every cabinet. I’ve searched the house. Nowhere.

WHERE ARE MY CUPS? It’s a mystery. One I felt compelled to share on my oh-so-fascinating blog.

Now, you may return to your day.

The day after I got this cool package from Krista, another awesome package arrived in the mail for me. It was a giveaway I had won from Scott Hansen over at Blue Nickel Studios. I was sooooo pumped to win this giveaway — and aparently my use of the phrase “hep cat” sealed the deal.

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to talk funny.

Here’s the goods I scored:

Scott, I think hep cats rock. And, you can be King of the Hep Cats for adding this doodle to the packaging. My 2 year old thought it was really awesome.

Look at all of these goodies! The awesome mini gift bag is super cute. I think some of my scraps will become gift bags in the future. And, the bookmark… I put it to use right away.

Love love this. I’m thinking it might become the center of a pillow. Or I’ll just hang it on the wall.

But this…. this is my favorite of all. These two scraps aren’t really meant to go together, but I really like how they look together. Now… to figure out what to make.

Scott, thanks for the infusion to my creativity! Oh, and the fact that you included an actual Blue Nickel…. that was hep, man, real hep.

Did you know I have a stash of vintage fabric? And a stash of new fabric? Shoot, I have a 950 square foot apartment that houses 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 preschools worth of toys, and 200 square feet of fabric.

But, I can stop any time…. really, I can. This isn’t a problem. No, it isn’t. I could give it all away tomorrow and not miss it one bit. For real.

Well, except that beautiful Heather Bailey Freshcut I’m hoarding saving for just the right project. I should keep it.

And the fabric I bought for the Paintbox quilt I’m working on. It would be a shame to get rid of it.

The cool (not dorky) hippo prints I have — well, Bean likes them, so I should keep them.

And, you never know when I’ll need more of that striped fabric.

And some of it came from my Grandma’s stash, so I’ll keep it.

And, you know, there’s the new fabric I bought for Britty’s baby quilt. Can’t get rid of that until Sweet Pea comes and her quilt is finished.


Ahem. My name is mab and I’m a fabric addict.

(Phew. That feels better. Now, take a look at some of my vintage stash!)

This piece of fabric inspired a little project I’m working on. More in a bit….

Then, check this out. It’s pre-Elmo Sesame Street fabric! Grover is my fave.

So, what is this post and this current post all about? I have decided to share some of my retro and vintage fabrics, great vintage finds, and random randomness with the world in a second Etsy shop. Ruby’s Retro City is slated to open in early April. My other shop, la*le Style, will stay open and will continue to have all of my handmade, non-vintagey items in it. But, the focus on opening Ruby’s Retro City strongly has kept me from working on la*le as much as I’d like. That’s why it’s been a bit neglected!

But now, I shall reveal the real reason I’m opening a shop with a major focus of vintage fabric . . . the more I sell, the more new lovelies I can buy.

Yesterday when Ray Ray came home for lunch, he saw the smoke detector that we had taken down in the girls room. A few months ago at 2 a.m. it began beeping. When your smoke detector beeps, you change the batteries, right? Not at 2 a.m. when its in the room with your two sleeping toddlers. Instead, you rip it out of the wall. Seeing it on the counter, he was moved to action. He dug out a new battery and put the detector back up in their room. “I don’t know why that took me so long!” he exclaimed.

We sat down to eat.

While we were in the middle of a riveting conversation discussing potty training and Peanut’s recent boogery sniffles, we heard it.


At first I thought it was maybe just my mind playing tricks on me.


We were also confused because we couldn’t tell exactly where the sounds were coming from.


Each time we heard it, it was different.


Because we live in an apartment building, they have all of the smoke detectors hooked into a sprinkler system. If there’s a fire in any apartment, everyone’s sprinklers go off.


I am afraid that some yo-ho will burn their biscuits, set off their fire alarm, and make my sprinklers go off. That would ruin untold amounts of stuff.


But, I’ve heard that the sprinklers have to detect heat for that to happen. So, the yo-ho would have to really burn those biscuits.


Back to the story… the hub got up, went to the girls room and ripped the smoke detector out of the wall once again. Then, he had to go off to work. I got the girls ready for bed, sure in the knowledge that they would sleep peacefully, without any smoke detector diversions.


What the…..


I knew it couldn’t be coming from the girls’ room. That smoke detector was ripped from the wall. Apparently, virus-like, the beepity-beep-beep smoke detector had influenced the smoke detector in the hallway.


It was now going off. I quickly, unforgivingly, and sharply ripped it from the wall. Ahh. Silence at last. I could now go to my napping spot — the couch — and snuggle up under my new napping quilt.


Ok, final straw. Where the *#&# was this coming from? Apparently, before being ripped from the wall, the smoke detectors in the bedroom and the hallway made an alliance with the one in the living room. It was now going off.


I ripped it from the wall and threw it on the kitchen counter. Now we were completely smoke detector-less. (The one in our room has been ripped out for months. It also made the mistake of beeping in the middle of the night.) I called the hub and he said he’d contact maintenance about the problem. It must have been in the wiring in the wall. Problem solved. Reading and then nap time.


I looked around for a detector I had missed. Nowhere.


But, the sound was coming from the kitchen. There, like headless chickens still running around the yard…. like a glam band rocker past his prime still trying to perform in concert…. like the neighbor’s dog who just won’t shut up no matter what you do…. the smoke detectors were still beeping. I made sure the batteries were out and then I did the only sensible thing to do.

I put the bleepin’ beepers in the refrigerator.

The other day I was trying to organize my stuff. I have one tote bag that I keep permanently packed for my MOPS meetings. (No, we don’t go to mop. We are Mothers of Preschoolers. We crave adult interaction and toddler-free zones. Therefore, we can get kind of crazy. You need a tote bag for that.) However, this meant that my tote bag was taken up. I decided I needed to make me a new tote bag.

The dilemma — I couldn’t pick out just the right fabric. I  couldn’t find something I wanted that mixed vintage-y, fun, funky, and cool. I couldn’t find the time to sew, either. Sigh…. I spent a week wishing for a tote.

Then, as if she read my mind, this arrived in the mail from krista….

It’s a cool tote! And, I love ticking! (That’s what those stripes are called.) I especially LOVE red ticking! (Are you creepy stalking me, Krista? Is that how you knew that?) That gives the vintage-y look I like.

But, add in the kick o’ lime green — AWESOME. And, the pocket that’s turned so the stripes run the other way — PERFECT! I totally love this bag. The next day was when we left town for a week and I lugged this everywhere. It has become my everything bag.

Krista, you ROCK! But, I am still wondering how you knew I needed a tote and liked ticking…. I’m wondering about you…. I also wonder if you’ll laugh when you hear that this is the tote I use to keep my Bible study stuff together. 🙂

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