I believe that birthdays should last a week. My birthday week is upon us. I think it was very nice of the city of New Orleans to kick off the week with a whole day of parades around the city. Very nice, y’all.

Tonight I got one of my presents. I wanted a night to hang out with my buddy Spider Woman. I picked her up from work and we went to eat some fancy schmancy Mediterranean Hummus from Zea’s. It was rather tasty. And the server gave us a bunch of extra feta. That made my heart happy.

Then, because it was late and everything else was closed, we went to Target. I love that Target is open until 11:00. I found a few things that I needed, some great items to go in my gift box. (Then, when I need a gift for someone, I go look there first.) Finally, we stumbled on the clearance Valentine’s Day stuff. We scored pjs, t-shirts, undies, and slippers for about $1.50 each. I was very much in need of pjs, t-shirts, undies, and slippers. You don’t want to see what I’ve been wearing instead. It has been rather sad.

Tonight I have on a complete brand-new ensemble. My pj shirt has a squirrel eating a heart. Underneath, it says Love Bites. This makes me laugh.

In other news: the L key on my keyboard is sticking. I have to hit it extra hard. That’s annoying.

In more other news: I am working on my first ever queen-sized quilt. It’s for the Oh, Fransson! Paintbox Quilt-along. I’m massively behind schedule, but that’s ok.  I do what I can when I can. I just want to be finished before it gets cold here. I know that a lot of the country is still snowed in, but that didn’t reach us. We did have a really cold winter for NOLA. Right now, we are still experiencing unseasonably cold weather. In fact, I don’t think the temperature got over 55 today.  By the time November rolls around and we really need a new quilt, I hope to have this one done.

In the last bit of other news: You may have noticed that I’ve taken my personal Flickr links off this blog. It’s still linked to our family blog. If you are one of the people who knows my kids and wants to still see their pics, go to their blog. If you don’t have that address, either e-mail me or leave a comment. Unless you’re a creepy stalker I’ll send you the link. If you are a creepy stalker, please have the decency to identify yourself. Thanks ever so much.