So…. we live in New Orleans, right? And the Saints are going to the Superbowl. AND, it’s Mardi Gras season — multiple parades every day through February 16th. This city has gone nutso.

I love it. I’m joining in. I actually made appliqued Saints shirts for me, Bean, and Peanut last night. I’d take pictures, but that would involve washing the shirts, drying them, locating the camera, taking the pictures, uploading the pictures, and posting them. I’m just too tired and lazy…. so maybe later.

One reason the shirts got so filthy today is that we have P.E. for Bean on Monday and Friday. I respect homeschool moms, but I don’t plan on being one. Still, we participate in the homeschool P.E. program here on the campus where we live. It’s free and my kids always take really good naps on P.E. days. So, we spent the morning running around the gym and throwing balls. Peanut thinks she’s a big kid and tries to participate. But, since she refuses to walk, it makes it hard. And, she confused the “throw-the-ball” game with “gnaw-on-the-ball” game. It got quite slobbery.

Enough of that! This is not what I’m telling you about! Ahem…

After P.E. we went to the cafeteria to meet RayRay. To celebrate the upcoming Superbowl, the school had a tailgate party today. Now, I didn’t see any actual tailgates, so I’m not sure why they called this a tailgate party. But, they had tasty hamburgers and hot dogs and they were blasting Saints music.

This is one reason I’ve decided to become a Saints fan. I mean, do the Cowboys have dozens of songs written about them? (No, not cowboys with a little c, The Cowboys.) Do you hear music dedicated to the New York Jets? If any music centers on the Minnesota Vikings, then I’m not aware of it, either. But the Saints have enough music dedicated to them to fill several CDs. One of the latest creations frequently hollers out “Who Dat?” followed by the command “Get Crunk!”

An aside: So, my husband is currently getting a masters in Marriage & Family Therapy at a Baptist institution of higher learning. The school is Baptist. At times, it fits every stereotype of Baptistness you can think of. (I, however, do not fit the stereotypes of Baptistness. Hallelujah. Amen.) So, the fact that wild, rowdy rap music shouting out “Get Crunk!” was being played in the Baptist cafeteria today with all of the very white Baptist professors, pastors, and staff members attempting to shake what their Mamas gave them — yeah. It was rather entertaining. We stayed for the entire party.

Back to the story: Two of the employees on campus were dancing and parading to the music. Here in NOLA people use umbrellas when they’re parading around. I don’t really get it yet. They take these umbrellas that are usually decorated and bounce them up and down while they dance. Watch the Superbowl and you’ll see people doing this. Anyway, there were umbrellas all over the cafeteria, along with Mardi Gras beads — all for decoration. Well, these two ladies were dancing with their umbrellas and trying to get others to dance with them. My somewhat-shy 2 1/2 year old Beanie looked at me and said “I wanna dance.” So, I got her out of her high chair and she marched over to the table where the umbrellas were. She got a kid sized one and joined the parade. For the next two hours, it was all I could do to get her to take a break and eat. She even forgot about her cake. She even forgot about her cake! She was too busy dancing.

About an hour into the par-tay, a friend came in. She said that she hadn’t known about the little shindig, but she saw Beanie on Facebook. What? Well, Bean was such a little nut prancing around on her tip-toes with her umbrella that people were taking pictures of her with their camera phones. One guy posted it on Facebook. My friend saw it, figured out what was going on, gathered up her kids, and came up to join the party. Hilarious! Here’s the picture:

I know she has a blank look on her face, but she was actually having fun. When these ladies left to go back to work, Bean said “Where the ladies go?”

The school president and his wife even grabbed her and took pictures with her. My kid is a supa’ star. During all of this Peanut sat and ate. The kid eats like a 14 year old boy instead of a 14 month old baby. And yet she’s tiny. She’s inherited her daddy’s metabolism and it’s just disgusting. It makes me cranky.

The best part about P.E. and then 2 hours of Who Dat dancing? They both took 3 1/2 hour naps. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. We didn’t wake up until RayRay came home from work. It was fabulous.