Well, I’ve headed over to the trusty Random Number Generator and asked it to tell me who really needs this apron. The answer:

Beth C!

(Soooo sorry to BethGun who just did a double-take and thought I had written Beth G.)

Interestingly enough, Beth and Beth commented one right after another. Hmmm… the telepathic connection of the Beths?

Beth C, I’m considering holding your apron hostage so we can make sure we see one another the next time you’re in town. (This last time I was at a doctor’s visit. Stink! Peanut got 4 shots and a toe-prick. Double Stink!) But, since that would be mean, I’ll mail it to you instead. So, send me an e-mail with your addy.

To the winners of the Gaveaway, I know I’m behind! But, today as I was cleaning out my room I found more lovely things I’ve made that one of you will win. And, I think I know where my camera is….. So far, I’ve got 3 prizes to go to 3 of the 7 of you. Aren’t you glad you commented?

And, thanks for all of the input and encouragement for my upcoming new Etsy shop. I have a lot in the works, but I’m keeping it under wraps. Here’s the only hint I can give you for now…