**UPDATE** I’m out of town on family stuff, so I’m extending the deadline on this little Giveaway. You have until Monday at noon to enter. Oh, and those of you who left a comment on the post below…. feel free to enter this Giveaway, too! Who knows, you might win both of them. ***

Can you believe it? This is my 500th post on this little blog o’ piffle. I thought I’d celebrate in style. So, I’m having a giveaway. Leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw a random winner and you’ll get a prize. (More on that later.) I’m also having a Gaveaway. What’s that? Well, out of all 7 of y’all who answered my question for the previous post, I’m going to draw a winner for another prize. Actually, I’m going to go through my stash of items I’ve made (but aren’t on my Etsy shop yet) and I’ll give away all of them. I know for sure there’s a tote bag and several Nifty Little Bags.

I’d take pictures of what you’ll win, but I’ve lost my camera. It’s somewhere in the mess. So, I can only promise it will be cool. Otherwise I won’t send it to you.

Now, for the giveaway. Leave me a comment and you can win this:

It’s a black & white paisley apron with a red border, a great red tying sash, and yellow stitch accents.Β  I know it’s a girly prize, but I figure that everyone who reads this is either a girl or knows a girl. So, if you’re Cliff or Papa Steve, don’t worry — you can give it to your sweeties and gain major brownie points.

So, leave me a comment. Say something interesting. Tell me a good blog you read. Tell me the best Christmas present you gave this year. (Yes, the best one you gave, not got.) Tell me something fun, touching, maddening, whatever. It’s your turn to blab.

You have until Friday night at midnight to leave a comment. After this, I’ll use the trusty Random Number Generator to to pick a winner.

Now, go leave a comment!