Well, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m doing some serious reconsidering of my Etsy shop. I’ve learned that I’m an experiential learner. In other words, I’ve got to dive in and try something in order to know how I want to do it and if I’ll like it. So, I’m glad that I have my current Etsy shop — it has taught me a lot about what I do and don’t want to do.

I will be opening at least one new shop. I’ve received three entire stashes from seamstresses in the past few months. I’m keeping what I want, but I’ve got a brilliant idea for the rest. There’s lots of vintage fabric & notion shops on Etsy and I love browsing through them. So, I’m working to join their ranks. If nothing else, I can sell the items I’ve inherited that I won’t use and buy fabric I will use.

So, all of this to ask for some naming help. I have some ideas of where I want to go, but I won’t tell you yet. It would taint your response to the following questions. If you’re so inclined, please answer these questions in a comment or an e-mail. Be as detailed, random, thoughtful, spunky, or whatever you’d like. Lists of words, sentences, or stories are all very helpful.

1. When you think of the 1920s, what do you think of?

2. What about the 30s? What cultural things come to mind?

3. 40s? Same questions for that decade.

4. What do the words retro and vintage bring to your mind? Do you have other words that consistently go with these words in your mind?

5. Tell me all of the sewing terms you can think of.

I’m going to hide the comments on here for now. Why? Well, if you read everyone else’s, then the tendency is to head off on a tangent that those comments make you think of. I’d like your clear and fresh ideas.

Oh, and got your own stash of unwanted fabric? Even if it isn’t vintage stuff, I’ll take it off your hands! What I can’t use, I’ll try to sell. (Don’t you want to support me and my grad school hubby?) What I can’t sell or use, I’ll donate to others who can.

In other news, I just bought 2 Snow Patrol albums with iTunes money from my stockings. (Thanks, Mama & Daddy!) They’re awesome. Cool. Amazing.