I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and a fabulous Boxing Day!

I finally added two books to my book list. One of them was a sequel — and I realized I never added in the first book. This means I’ve actually read 16  books so far! I have two books that are in progress with a chapter to go on each one… it looks like I will make my book goal for the year!

I read back through my list of books I’ve read over the years. I can’t believe that I used to read so much. It actually isn’t the girls who get in my way now as much as my business. As I wrote about a few days ago, I’m really re-evaluating everything right now — setting long-term goals and making changes accordingly. This has all kept me super duper busy! But, in a good way.

I’ve been thinking of alternate names for the shop and have been reading through slang from the twenties, thirties, and forties. I think I’ve come up with something: Ducky Shincracker. It’s a positive term given to someone who is a great dancer. I love it. It’s hilarious. It’s funny. It sounds crazy. So what do you think? Should I rename my shop Ducky Shincracker? What’s that? You think it would be rather ironic since I can’t dance? What do you mean I can’t dance? Didn’t you see me at Uncle Louie’s polka party? (Major brownie points will be awarded to the person who can name that quote’s source….)

Oh, I digress.

Today we drove from RayRay’s hometown to mine. Halfway there we stopped and met Britty & Tito. They were coming from my hometown to Tito’s (which is by RayRay’s little village). It was great to see them! They’re so fun! They’re wonderful! In fact, they’re very talented dancers, too! You could call them a couple of ducky shincrackers! Ok, I’ve actually never seen Tito dance, so that’s an assumption.

While in the car, I started another book. (Come on, the other 2 only had a chapter left. If I had taken them with me, I would have finished them quickly and not had anything else to read. Or I would have had to have a big stack of available books in the car by me. This isn’t feasible. After all, within arm’s reach, I have to have the diaper bag, the snack bag, the blankets for the kids, the bag of toys, the movies for their DVD players, extra pacis, my beverage, my pillow, my iPod, my purse, my coat, the girls’ coats, and a book. I wasn’t adding a bunch of other crap….) Anyway, here’s the book:

It’s Mary Modern by Camille DeAngelis in case you can’t see the image clearly….

Besides having a gorgeous cover in amazing colors, the book is a great treat. I am thoroughly enjoying this creative and interesting read. I’m about 1/4 of the way in and I’m completely engrossed. In fact, I’m quitting this blog post now to go and read some more of it before I hit the sack….

Thanks for continuing to read my piffle….. Hey! I could rename my shop Pifflely Ducky Shincracker! Or Ducky Piffle Shincracker! Or Shinny Piffle Duckcracker!

Yes, it’s time for bed…