me: How old are you, Bean?

Bean: Two!

me: How old is Peanut?

Bean: One!

me: How old is Mama?

Bean: (After pausing a long time….) Many!

Yes, I know it’s more of Bean’s words, but she’s really starting to talk and be her own person. It’s hilarious. Later today she was trying to calm Peanut down (who was having a fit in the car). I began to interact with her one-sided conversation with her baby sister. “Not now, Mama. I’m talking to Peanut,” she firmly replied.

We’ve begun the trip I am calling Holiday Sojourn 2009. We’re in the hub’s hometown until after Christmas. Then, it’s on to my hometown for a week. It’s been a few months since I’ve been there. Then, we’ll drive all. the. way. back. to the Big Easy. I’m sure more interesting conversations with Bean will erupt on that trip.