Dear Santa,

I am a greedy girl. But, I prefer the term thrifty. My whole family has this gene. We look for every way to get the best deal and the most stuff for our bucks. So, when I heard that you are now dealing in fabric and not just toys built by elves in your North Pole sweatshop, I had to join in. And see. How much I could get.

I mean, world peace and hugs for everyone would be nice, but since you’re just a fat imaginary elf in a red suit, I know you can’t pull that off. But maybe you could get me some fabric. Yeah. Fabric. Because I don’t have enough. I’ll never have enough!

I’m sure I sound cranky. With good reason! At least one person in my family has been sick every day since Thanksgiving. And, I’ve entered approximately 400 giveaways over the past few weeks (including every stinkin’ one from Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day) and I didn’t win a single thing. So, while some people might wish for fabric by a certain designer or matching a certain oh-too-cutesy novelty theme, I have just one wish: Your entire fabric inventory. Send it on. Bring it on. I can craft that.

But, since you’ll consider that too greedy thrifty, I’ll take this:

Please take note of my selection. I don’t want this…

or this…

And for the love of all that’s quilty, don’t send me this…

Thanks for giving away a great set of fabric to some poor sucker out there. I hope I’m that poor sucker.


Cranky mab


Dear Santa,

Reasonable mab here. Please ignore Cranky mab who wrote the letter above. She is really upset that the laundry pile  in her house has grown to such proportions that she can no longer see her sewing machine. I know a nice set of Nicey Jane fabrics would help her to finish the laundry and sit back down to sew. And that would make her happy. And cheerful. Which would go a long way towards promoting world peace and hugs for everyone. Thank you for understanding.


Reasonable mab


Wondering what the heck this is about? See the Jolly Jabber here, please.