I’ve been busy lately doing two things I love: crafting and copious amounts of shopping with other peoples’ money. In other words, I’ve been getting ready for our MOPS group’s upcoming Craftapalooza.

We’re having an all-craft day where we make a whole bunch of items we can give as gifts. I’m the Crafty Lady (meant with both meanings, heh-heh-heh!) and I’m arranging all of this. So, today I took Peanut while Bean was at the park with some friends and we bought the supplies for Moisturizing Bath Salts. There are two main ingredients: Epsom salts and Mineral oil. I bought enough for 40 ladies to make at least one batch. So, I bought 7 4-pound containers of Epsom salts and 4 large bottles of mineral oil. Here’s the dig…

See the label for the salts?

See the label for the oil?

Yeah, to the cashier, it looked like I was buying 7 4-pound containers of saline laxative and 4 large bottles of lubricant laxative.

I have no punch line to this post. Ok, I acutally have a lot of punch lines, but none of them decent enough to write. But, please! Feel free to enter your own in the comments below. Papa Steve and Cliffie… I especially look forward to y’all’s.