The following conversation was overheard tonight as we decorated the tree and discussed the meaning of Christmas, the existence of Jesus, and other weighty matters….

RayRay: Is Tinkerbell pretend?

Bean: Yes. She ‘tend.

RayRay: Are pirates pretend?

Bean: Yes. They ‘tend.

RayRay: Is Jesus pretend?

Bean: No. He not. He funny.

RayRay: He’s funny?

Bean: Yes. He live in God’s neighborhood.

RayRay: Really?

Bean: Yes. Isn’t that a good story? The end.

Sigh. I think we have more explaining to do. Sarahh, you commented in the last post that we should be congratulated on successfully raising 2 girls for a year. I think this conversation proves the opposite.

P.S. New pictures up on Flickr! Including Peanut’s birthday!