I have a pet peeve! I can’t stand it when people use too many exclamation points!!! I think it diminishes the value of the exclamation point and makes it too commonplace! Plus, it makes the person sound too perky! Or too sacharrin-sugary!! Or just plain obnoxious!!!

But, as is usually the case with a pet peeve, I’ve noticed lately that I am prone to exclamation point over-use! In fact, most of the comments I leave on other peoples’ websites involve at least one exclamation point! If not two!! Or maybe more!!!!!! So, I’m going on a fast from exclamation points! Well, unless I’m quoting someone who is yelling!!! Or if I’m so giddily happy that I would like to yell if I were talking instead of writing!!!! That way, I’ll use this exuberant form of punctuation properly!!!! So, one week — no exclamation marks!!! Unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!!! (LOL!)*


*We’ll cover the over-use of capital letters and LOL in the future!!!!!!

P.S. I did great at the Craft Fair!!!! Check out my bidniz blog to read some more! I’ll try to post pictures this week!!!!!!!