Today I made a whole mess of stuff for the upcoming craft fair. Here’s what I decided to have at my booth:

  • Bath salts
  • Sugar scrub
  • Tote bags
  • Drawstring ditty bags (great re-usable gift bags, makeup bags, or cute storage)
  • iPod cases (if they get finished)
  • Beaded bracelets & necklaces.

Last year my booth was an absolute flop. I barely made enough to cover the booth rental and the two Chick-fil-A sandwiches my hub & I ate. Seriously. My profit was like $15. Part of the trouble was that I had too many high-priced items. I forgot that this is a craft fair here at the school where the hub attends & we live. Everyone is poor. We’re all grad students and most people have kids. Let me break that down for those of you who are unfamiliar with our particular socioeconomic group….

grad student = thinks ramen noodles are a gourmet meal

grad student with a spouse = shares a bowl of ramen and claims that “our love is all we need to survive”

grad student with kids = when not in class, dad sits by a busy intersection on campus with a sign saying “will write theses for food”

(Is theses the correct pluralization for thesis? Hmmm…. ) Ok, so this is a tiny bit exaggerated. A tiny bit. Still, even though I had exquisite handmade purses for $20 and gorgeous flannel baby blankets for only $15, they winced at the price tags. This year it will be different. A whole variety of crap for cheap, cheap, cheap. I’ll have about 3 necklaces that are $12 and I’ll have 3 or 4 of my best purses there (more for display than sale), but otherwise everything will be $10 and under.

I hope we sell a whole lot. A whole stinking lot.

Speaking of stink, I made the first batch of sugar scrub tonight. I actually made 3 batches. I finished 18 large jars (8 oz) and 37 smaller jars (4 oz) of three different scents. Tomorrow I’ll do a fourth scent. I’m stuck on some names, though. The official names of the scents (from the place I bought them) is Rose-vanilla, Pear Raspberry, Cotton Blossom, and Eternity Type. (It’s supposed to smell like the perfume. I think it smells more like Pledge. RayRay says it smells like a hospital or old-folks home. This won’t be good for marketing….) I’m changing the names to be more cooler. Pear Raspberry will be Very Peary Berry. Cotton Blossom will be…. well, the same. Eternity Type will either be Great Uncle Harvey’s Room at Shady Oaks -or- Fleur de Lis. (Come on, I live in New Orleans. If you slap a fleur de lis on a bag of dog poo, people will pay $20 bucks for it. I thought about having this in my booth at the fair, but dogs aren’t allowed on campus and I didn’t know where to find a good supply. )

Here’s the trouble: What should I call the Rose-vanilla scent? Cupcakes in the Garden? Um, no. Rosy Buttercream…. yuck. Yummy Food with a Bouquet of Flowers…. Yeah, I’m not going anywhere good. This scent combo is one of my faves. Any time I’m at Bath Junkie, it’s what I pick. It’s two familiar scents that when put together are sweet, but not saccharin. I dig it. And, unless y’all can help me out or inspiration strikes, I’ll get really fancy with the name and call it Vanilla Rose.

My house right now absolutely stinks. It is overwhelmingly scented like VanillaRoseVeryPearyBerryCottonBlossom. You can smell it from outside. Oh well, at least it masks the usually overwhelming scent of poopy diapers.