Today Ray Ray had to work late. My buddy Jennifer’s hubby was out of town. So, we got together with our kiddos and hung out, then cooked dinner.

At one point, someone knocked on the door. Jenn answered and I heard the middle-school aged kids say something about band and money. Jenn pointed to me and said, “She lives here, not me.” As a former band nerd…. no, a current band nerd (we never die — it lives on forever!) I am interested in giving a buck or two to any band booster. I mean, you gotta buy a lot of Gatorade to keep the Mighty Marching Marauding Mutineers on their feet during practice time. Anyway, the following conversation happened…

mab: “Can I help you?”

girl: “Yeah. Would you like to fund our band?”

mab: “What’s your band name?”

(At this point, I’m expecting her to say JFK Middle School band or even the Kiwanis Kazoo club. Nope.)

girl: “Well, we don’t have a name yet.”

That’s right. These two girls were going door-to-door to get funding so they could start their own Hanna Montana-esque band. I told them to come back when they worked out the details and we’d talk.

Fifteen minutes later someone else knocked. We usually don’t have this many people come by — certainly not strangers. Again, this was 2 middle school girls. One was holding a classy ziploc bag with money in it.

mab: “Can I help you?”

girl 2: “Our school is raising money.”

mab: “What for?”

girl 2: “Unisex.”

mab: “EXCUSE ME? What is your school raising money for?”

girl 2: “Unisex. We’re taking up change for Unisex to help people.”

mab: “Dear, I think you mean UNICEF.”

RayRay wondered if they were also looking for band funding, but were masquerading as charity people. Or, maybe they decided to start a band named Unisex. If so, I have contributed a whopping 75 cents. (Hey, we’re poor. It’s what change I had on hand.)

So, be looking on the Disney channel. Move over Jonas Brothers! Step aside Hannah Montana! Coming to the stage with a ziploc bag full of change…. the newest middle school girl act: Unisex!!!!

Great. Now that I’ve used that word a ka-gillion times and Hannah Montana twice, no telling what kind of people will find me on their Google search. Androgenous Disnophiliacs — Welcome to The mab Blab.