Yes, this is another post about my kids. Yes, you should read it. Why? Because it involves letters, lies, and dead pets.

See, Bean’s Poppy and Mimi got her a puppy. She named her Molly May. She loved that puppy. She couldn’t wait to get to Poppy & Mimi’s house to play with Molly May. She talked about her all the time. Then, Molly May got hit by a car.

We told her that Molly May was lonely and went to live with some other puppies.

There was an orange cat at Poppy & Mimi’s house. Bean named her Pumpkin. This cat had more personality than any other cat I’ve seen. They would play hide & seek & even tag together. Then Mimi backed her new car into the carport and over Pumpkin.

We told Bean that Pumkin went to live with Molly May.

Last Sunday at church I served at Extended Session. That’s where I watch the 3 and 4 year olds while their parents are in church. Theoretically their parents watch other children once every few months so their parents can go to church. I never go to Sunday School after the service where I’m doing Extended Session. Those kids wear me out.

One little girl loves to draw. So, I sat and was drawing with her. I drew a puppy and a kitty cat. I decided to bring these home to Bean and put them in the little mailbox in her house. She was excited to get a letter. As she looked at it, I realized how much the cat looked like Pumpkin.

I told her that this letter was from Molly May and Pumpkin. I read the invisible writing to her. It said:

Dear Bean,

We are so happy in our new home! We are with other puppies and kitties. We miss you and love you very much. Have a great day!

Love, Molly May and Pumpkin

Is it sick to tell your child that her pets wrote her a letter when:

a) Pets are illiterate


b) Her pets are dead….?

It may be sick, but it gets me out of explaining why so many pets get run over by cars at Poppy & Mimi’s house. Poppy said he’s glad the horses and cows are too big to get under the carport or run under the tires of the truck they’re chasing. At least those animals won’t need to write my daughter letters from beyond the grave.