I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time over at Awkward Family Photos. The one with the opossum was freaky. And the pregnancy photos — yikes! The sad thing… I have some photos to contribute. There’s one involving Santa Hats, Reindeer antlers, and a staircase.

Ooh! I found it! small-santas

Sorry for the smallness…. the original is on my external drive & I really don’t feel like walking the 15 feet back to my room, plugging in my computer, and finding it.

Is this awkward or merely strange? Both considering that this was February of 2007 & these holiday headwear were bought on clearance at the Dollar Store.

I was pregnant with Bean and had stinkin’ long hair.

In other news, I’m considering combining my bidniz blog and this blog. Why? Well, I stink at writing at either one, so I might as well stink in only one spot. We’ll see….. I’d appreciate your input. If it combines, you’ll have to hear more about crafty stuff.

Lastly (nope… I don’t think it’s a valid word. I said it anyway.),  Bean has a nasty black eye. She looks like she got into my makeup. Or purple and green sharpies. Nope. She fell off the merry-go-round here at the park. She tried to stand while it was spinning and WHAM she hit the bar she was holding on to. She’s fine, her eye is fine, and she doesn’t even notice it. However, everyone is giving me the stink eye. I need this shirt:

tshirt No, I won’t post pictures. It’s just too sad!