I play favorites.

Not with kids, but with friends. And I’d much rather give my giveaway to one of you people than someone else. Because you’re my friends. Because you let me blog and say crap a lot. And other stuff.

So, last chance: go to my business blog and enter my giveaway. You might be the lucky winner of a banner. Specially made for you.

Papa Steve wants one to say “Oh, Crap!” This got me to thinking…. what other 6 word phrases could you use? (Since the winner gets 6 free flags. No, not free 6 Flags. I can’t afford that.)

Here’s what I could think:

Skwurl (for Cliffie)

Shudup (for the teachers out there — to put in your classroom)

Gimme! (for the toddlers I know)

Dorkus (in honor of my beloved Bubbie)

RayRay (if you’re an admirer of my hubby)

AllDat (for those of you who think you’re All That and a bag of fritos

WhoDat (for the Saints fans out there — I understand why they say it, but I don’t get it)

Ok, now that I’ve inspired you, please go enter. Because it makes me feel happy to see more entries. And, it makes me feel more popular. And ever since I discovered that my table of friends in middle school was called the Nerd Herd, I’ve been seeking popularity like an ever-distant, ephemeral flower that is out of my grasp and elusive and stuff. Sigh…. I need to call my therapist now.

What other 6 word phrases can you think of?