Today I got more pictures taken for my shop. I know, this is all I blog about. But, I only think about 2 things right now: my shop and potty training. I don’t think you want me to talk more about poop, so we’ll talk about my shop. Here’s my latest quandry and I need your help.

In November there’s a craft fair here on campus. Because everyone here on campus (except the professors) is poor, I need to have inexpensive items to sell. I know that November is a long time away, but I have to start planning and sewing now to have enough supply to sell.

So, tell me the types of items you’d buy. I’ll write a list of ideas below, but feel free to add others. Don’t answer with what you’d buy from me — tell me what you’d buy from a random stranger at a craft fair. If the answer is nothing, put that down. I need honesty, my lovelies.

Here’s my list of ideas:

Inexpensive journals covered in cool reusable fabric covers

fabric-wrapped headbands

cute clippies and bows for little girls

my Nifty Little Bags

Laundry bags (there are several dorms here on campus and people who use laundromats)

Small jars of bath salts or sugar scrub

Ok, so leave a comment telling me what you’d buy and how much you’d pay for it. Thanks. In return for being my marketing focus group, I’ll give you each a brownie. You have to come here to get it before they’re gone. I won’t ship them.