Today is the last day I can say I have two under two — kids, that is. I have one who is 7 months old today and one who is almost 2.

Almost as in tomorrow.

Today for most of you reading this since it’s late at night when I’m posting.

Yes, my sweet, precious Bean is going to be 2 on Friday. Sigh. It’s cliche, but true — it goes by way too fast.

Tonight she stayed at childcare at church while I helped with a craft night. She played with toys & with the kids & was ok until they turned on the movie. It was Charlotte’s Web. At the beginning Wilbur (as a piglet) gets in the house and they shoo him out with a broom. My tender-hearted child couldn’t stand it. She erupted into tears.

While I don’t like that she was upset, I am so grateful for this kind heart that God has given her. She may be a bit rowdy & likes to play rough with some of her friends, but she isn’t mean-spirited at all. She has such tenderness in her spirit and I hope nothing ever breaks that.

Oh, my sweet Bean, I sure do love you!