The other day during nap time I heard noises coming from the Bean’s room. Lately she would pull open her dresser drawers and take out all of the clothes she could reach. Her dresser was right by her bed, but it took some time to get it open.

I thought this was what she was doing.

I walked in to find her IN her top dresser drawer. It was tilting at a crazy angle & I was convinced it was about to fall. I had to hold back a giggle and a scream as I calmly corrected her and put her in bed.

A few minutes later the baby monitor went dead. Since I had moved her bed away from the dresser, I figured that she could reach the plug from the crib’s new location and had unplugged it. Nope.

She had climbed out of bed and turned it off.


There are a few milestones that change everything for a parent: the day the kid rolls over (no more leaving them alone on the bed or changing table), the day the kid crawls (no more leaving them in a room that isn’t baby-proof), and the day the kid walks (a new level of baby-proofing is required!) But, the day that your kid crawls out of the bed is nothing to write in the baby book. Instead, it means that she has to move to a big girl bed. And your days of leaving her in her crib with some safe toys & books while you shower are over. The days of trusting that her room will be the same when you wake up as it was when you put her to bed — over. The days of knowing that there is no way she’ll be anywhere but where you put her — over.

Tonight she is in a big-girl bed. It’s actually her crib with one side off and a rail put on it. She has a new big-girl sheet and her blanket is tucked in at the bottom. She likes her big-girl bed. Let’s hope she likes it enough to stay in it tonight. We have the gate up in front of her door. We have all of the toys locked in the closet. We have put latches on all drawers. We’ve made sure every outlet has a cover or is behind substantial pieces of furniture.

We also told her that if she stays in bed ALL NIGHT, she gets a sticker. A big, fuzzy monkey sticker. Let’s hope all of this works.

Other parents: Leave a comment and tell me what you’ve done to transition your kiddo from a crib to a big bed. Or, tell me stories to make me feel better. Or, mail me chocolate.