F_Minus.Kiddie Litter

The toilet training has begun.

We took all of the rugs out of the room and she wears “Big Girl Panties” (training pants). That’s right. Bean doesn’t have diapers on during the day. Watch where you step.

If she goes on the froggie potty, she gets stickers. 1 for #1 and 2 for #2.

frog pottyI hate cleaning out that *#&@ potty.

So, if she goes on the big potty, she gets M&Ms. 1 for #1 and 2 for #2. She calls them Ms or MMs. (No &.)

elmo potty

When you have a toddler in the house, you have no privacy. I was on the pot the other day & in walks Bean. I finished my bid’niz and she patted me on the arm. “Mama get Ms.” she said.

(The comic is F Minus by Tony Carrillo. It was published May 16, 2009. I don’t have permission to post it here, but I’m hoping that since I’m giving Tony the props, he’ll overlook it. If not, I may have Bean go to his house without her diaper on. I hope he takes up his rugs first.)