I’ve done it. It’s taken me 4 days, but I’ve done it.

I made it through all of the items from Sew, Mama, Sew’s giveaway. That’s about 400 of them.

Ok, I skipped the ones on knitting supplies. I didn’t need that.

I entered every giveaway that seemed mildly interesting.

Because one thing I love is free stuff. Free cute stuff . . . even better.

Now, it’s almost midnight and I’m completely sleep deprived. Last night I sat up until 2 a.m. entering giveaways. This is a sad addiction. But, it must end! Why? Because the contest ends tomorrow. Yup. So, you should go enter stuff tomorrow before it’s too late.

No, don’t enter. If you do, you’ll reduce my chances.

Question for you mathy people: If I entered approximately 350 giveaways, what’s my chance of winning one of them? (Most of them have between 75 & 400 entries. Big spread, I know.)

What’s my chance of winning 20 of them?

What’s my chance of winning all of them?