At the end of the second day of May Giveaway Day (yes, it’s titled as one day, but it’s actually 5 days long), I have 111 comments and 2 sales at my Etsy shop!

I am pumpity-pumped.

Britty has a giveaway, too.

Here’s the bad thing: There are literally hundreds of shops giving something away. It’s in my genes to attempt to get all things free. I also figure that if I enter hundreds and hundreds of giveaways, I’m likely to win something, right?

Wouldn’t it be cool if I won, like, 25 giveaways? That would totally tick everyone off. And, the people running this thing would probably audit me to see if I bribed people.

But I wouldn’t bribe them.

If I did, then the giveaway would have been a boughtbybribeaway. It wouldn’t have been free. I only dig free.

If you haven’t entered my giveaway, you can look at the post below. You can also find the link to all of the other giveaways. Yup. Enjoy.