MayGiveawayDay Today, all over the web, there are lots of shops who are giving away all kinds of fun stuff! It starts today and runs through May 31st.

Some sites will be giving away handmade items and some will give away great craft supplies, like fabric. (If you are like me, you always need more fabric. Always. Even though your fabric fills a dresser, the bottom of the tv armoire, and a diaper box on my sewing table.)

Where should you start on this Giveaway Day? Why, my shop, of course!

Super Chic ApronWanna win this Super Chic Hostess Apron? Head over to my shop blog and enter. What if, like Papa Steve and Cliffie, you are wondering how a black and white damask apron with hot pink accents would look on you? Well, if it won’t go with your manly outfit, it might look nice on your wife.

You (or your wife…. Papa Steve this is not for you) can tie it in the back or wrap it around the front.


The link to the rest of the Giveaways is also at my shop site. So, go check out la•le Pop today!

Thanks, y’all!!!