Six months ago to the minute, I was in labor and delivery begging the doctors to give me general anesthesia since the spinal block wasn’t quite going in.

Yes, my Peanut is 6 months old. Already.

Today I put together her high chair and I let her try it out. She really liked sitting in it! She’ll like it more when she associates her high chair with yummy food. We’ll start that tomorrow. The hub has some major work today and won’t be home until late tonight. I want him there for the first tasting milestone, so we’ll wait. This will also give me more time to make her food.

Most Americans give rice cereal as a first food. But, in England a lot of people give pears. They’re just as gentle and they’re tastier. We’re going with pears first and cereal second. (The real reason: cereal can plug ’em up. Peanut is already plugged up most of the time. We need something that will help her go, you know? Yeah, you’re probably sorry you read that. In 10 years, she’ll be sorry I wrote that.)

Head over to the girls’ blog to see some recent-ish pictures of Peanut and Bean. Head over to my bid’niz site to see what I’ve been up to. Oh, and make sure to come here and to lalePOP on Wednesday. I’m going to be part of May Giveaway Day — where around 200 internet shops like mine are having free giveaways all on the same day. I’ll post the link to the list and reveal what I’m giving away. Free stuff rocks.