The following is a transcript of tonight’s conversation as we went home from Izzo’s. (Yay! I finally got my burrito!)

The hub: Bean, who are you inviting to your birthday party?

Bean: Micah! (a neighbor)

The hub: Who else?

Bean: Ben! (Micah’s brother)

The hub: Who else?

Bean: Camin. (Mr. Cameron, their dad)

The hub: Can Miss Jen come? (That’s their mom.)

Bean: Ooohhhh. (This is how she says yes.)

The hub: Who else can come?

Bean: CAKE!

The hub: Can Cru come? (another neighbor)

Bean: Ooohhhhh.

The hub: Can Mama come?

Bean: No. Stay house.

The hub went through all of the rest of the neighbors. Most of them are apparently invited. He asked her 7 times if I could come to her party. She emphatically said NO. I am to stay home.

See if she gets any cake.