I love Freebird’s. This is not one of those times when someone overuses or abuses the word “love.” I really mean it. For real. When it comes to Freebird’s, I patiently wait in line, I kindly ask for my preferred toppings, I don’t boast about how great of a burrito I can create, and all of that other I Corinthians 13 stuff….

As a college student at A&M, I totally took our 3 Freebird’s locations for granted. (I hear there are now 4.) But, as soon as I moved, I realized what I was missing.

Here in NOLA, there’s a new burrito place that’s opened. It’s a total take-off of Freebird’s. They have brick walls, “clever” names for their burritos and sauces, and almost the exact same menu. The only thing missing is the foil creations from patrons decorating the place or a giant Lady Liberty busting through the wall on a Harley.

Still, if I can’t have my Freebird’s, I’ll take  Izzo’s. Last night a neighbor mentioned Izzo’s and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Don’t tell the hub, but I’m plotting a way to make sure we eat there tonight…..

So, this is where you come in. If you want to go out to eat at a certain place, how do you convince your hub/wifey/friend/mom to go to that place? Extra points will be given to those with a creative and/or sneaky answer. More extra points will be given for the number of appropriate / marks you use.

P.S. Don’t even mention Chipolte Burritos in your comment or my burrito-wrath will pour upon you. They’re foofy, uppity, and not that tasty. So there.