Happy Mama’s Day to the moms among my readership. I hope it has been a great day!

Ladies, do you remember playing with that favorite doll as a kiddo? Gentlemen, didn’t you have an action figure, dinosaur, or ferocious teddy bear that was special to you?

Let’s all help make a special friend for a child who needs one. I’ve just heard about a website called Craft Hope. Their current project they are getting people to work on: Special dolls for the girls and boys in an orphanage in Nicaragua. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Many of you know that Bean has Jeremiah the Bullfrog.  She calls him Miah her buddy and won’t sleep without him. When she’s had such a big day that she wants to keep talking about it, but needs to sleep, we tell her to lay down and tell Jeremiah all about it. She’ll hold him up and relay her story in her little words. She knows he’s listening. Because Miah is so special to my Bean, I want to make something special for another girl or boy. So, although I’ve never sewn a dolly, I’m going to give it a try. Even if you’re a novice at sewing/knitting/crocheting, join in with me and let’s send in some special buddies for the kiddies.