I’ve really been missing Central Asia lately. I dream that I’m there, I dream of the food, and I seem to see my Central Asian friends everywhere.

I had just finished telling this to the hub and then I turned on the tv. What was on? A travel show about the Big City — the main city in Central Asia & one of the places I’ve lived. It was so good to see some of those places and imagine myself there again.

Although the host had a native interpreter and guide, he didn’t seem to pay attention to anything she said. He butchered the language most terribly. The worst: They were talking about a food called Doner Kebab. (Pronounced: Dough-Nair Key-Bab) It’s not shish kebab, but it’s thinly sliced meat in between bread. I like Dough-Nair Key-Bab.

But this was something different. He talked of enjoying Donner Kebab. Now, I’m not sure how the Donner Party cooked and served their meat, but whether it was steaks, ground meat, or kebab, I’m not interested. Donner Kebab? No thanks, I’m full.