Today I called my hub and asked if he wanted us to meet him at the school cafeteria for lunch. We just got in from a trip and there was no prepared food in the house. Since I was gone at MOPS all morning, I wasn’t about to prepare food. He told me that he and his co-workers were all going to a little place for chicken. So, we all tagged along. We arrived around noon. This spot is in a house in a residential neighborhood where the homes and businesses have all seen better days. There was no room to wait inside, so all of the hopeful patrons were lined up outside. We put in our names and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

An hour and a half later, we were finally seated. Then, we waited 34 minutes for our food to arrive. This shouldn’t have been hard since we all ordered fried chicken. The only things this place serves is fried chicken, pork chops and smothered steak. We finally left the restaurant at 3:00. Bean normally sleeps from 1 – 3. She was a trooper! She didn’t fuss or complain or anything. However, she also hasn’t napped today. It’s 5:00 and she’s spent an hour and a half in her bed talking and jumping up and down. I think she’ll be going to bed tonight at 6:30! I may join her….

This was some of the best chicken of my life, but I am not planning on returning to this restaurant. It isn’t even the hour and a half wait that made me decide this…. it was the fact that the service was horrible and they wouldn’t even bring out Beanie’s food early. The fried chicken platter was $10 and tea was $2. Next to the drinks in the menu was written ABSOLUTELY NO REFILLS. I was expecting a mammoth glass of tea for two freaking bucks, but it was no larger than normal. And there was little ice. And, it wasn’t all that spectacular.

A few years ago, I worked in an office where we took eating out quite seriously. We developed a scale to determine the value of a restaurant. It was the quality/quantity scale — or Q/Q scale. An item may have a tremendous quantity of food for the price, but if the quality was low, the total rating for the restaurant was low. Or, another place might have astounding quality of food, but tiny quantities for the price. A place like Baris that had stupendous Italian food at ridiculously small prices had a huge score.

By the Q/Q scale, this restaurant would recieve a fair rating. The chicken was Uh-mazing and is even featured on Food Network and in various city guides. I’ll give the Quality a 10. The price was high, but I guess it wasn’t absolutely ridiculous for three pieces of chicken and a side. So, I’ll give the quantity a 3. However, the sad service (did I mention we finally went and got a high chair ourselves after two different people said they’d get one and didn’t?), the poor hospitality, the general apathy or rudeness of the staff, and the outrageous drink prices means that Willie May’s Restaurant gets a -15 on the Service scale. This drops their overall score down to a -2.

The next time we’ve decided to do take-out. We’ll provide our own drinks, maybe our own sides, and we’ll just enjoy the chicken.

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