I don’t have enough of one subject for a post, but I have many smaller things to share. So, here’s Snippets from mab’s life…

* I’m beginning to think that my book goal of 18 books is too much. Right now, I’ve finished 2 books and it’s almost March. Gee, I wonder what’s keeping me from reading? Maybe I should have a magazine goal or a movie goal or a number of bowls of ice cream goal instead….

* We are going to Dallas next weekend for a wedding and we are PUMPED. One of our buddies who lived overseas with us is gettin’ hitched and there will be a big reunion. I can’t wait to see everyone. I can wait for the packing + travel with 2. Still it will be fu n.

* Our home is about 1000 square feet. That’s not much room for 4 people, a preschool’s worth of toys, and my sewing stuff. So, we’re working on de-cluttering the place. We’ve joined ClutterDiet.com and it’s helping me organize. We’ve also cleaned out a ton of stuff that we don’t need anymore. I mean, I’ll never fit into those old jeans again, so why keep them? Clutter Diet also gives out weekly tasks and you can “weigh in” for what you’ve accomplished. After two weeks, we’ve lost 89 pounds. I wish my regular diet worked that way. I could diet for one week and lose enough. Then, I’d have to stop my diet and eat like a piggy again. One week on a diet and one week off — it would be lovely.

* The commercial that most cracks me up: One of the scooter/wheelchair stores has this commercial where all of these smiling elderly people ride their scooters in a drill team or marching band-type performance. It’s eerie. And random. And hilarous.

* I’ve been watching a lot of What Not to Wear. I would really like $5K to get a new wardrobe. I know I’m not a wonderful dresser now, but I’m not quite as bad as these people. Maybe I’ll start dressing really badly and one of you can nominate me. Then, I’ll return the favor. Just wait until Peanut grows up enough that I can leave her at home and enjoy my week in New York.

* Then, in order to get a home makeover, I’ll trash my place and try to get it cleaned up by the Clean House crew. Sure, we’ll have to live in a cluttered pigsty until we get the makeover, but I think the ends justify the means.

* Funniest for last: Beanie went to the park with a high school girl who babysits her. They saw someone’s pet turtle. It was eating grass and clover. Beanie came home and told us all about it. “Tuttle eat gass!” She said. We called Grannie and PawPaw (my parents) and she told them. But, she left off the g sound at the beginning of gass. Yeah. We’re raising her right.

Now I’m off to sew while the little ones sleep!